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Purple Carrot!

Here’s how we can work together!

Corporate Perks

Treat your team to a one-time gift or ongoing discounts.

In-Box Sampling

Offer samples and coupons to our 

engaged customer base.

Brand Collaborations

Let’s introduce consumers to
each other’s brand!

Why partner 

with Purple Carrot?

Invest in your people

Purple Carrot is a great way to strengthen company culture and wellness initiatives. Thank employees for everything they do with a benefit that positively impacts their health and daily routine.

Take care of the planet

The average Purple Carrot Meal Kit meal saves 87 gallons in water and results in 72% less carbon being released into the atmosphere compared to the standard American meal.*

Be part of something powerful

Purple Carrot is on a mission to cultivate the plant-based revolution. Our globally inspired recipes and fresh ingredients make eating plant-based easy and delicious.

*For more about the benefits of Purple Carrot, visit our Why Plants page.